Iraq Says Audit in Kurdistan Region’s Payroll Lists close To End

Iraq Says Audit in Kurdistan Region’s Payroll Lists close To End

 The government of Iraq said audit of the Kurdistan Region’s payroll lists are close to its final stages, a spokesman said on Friday (January 5).

Iraqi Government’s Spokesman, Saad Hadithi told the Voice of America that the audit process in the region’s payroll lists is to assure that salary payments are to “real employees” working in the official institutions in the Kurdistan Region.

 “We try to abide by the payment of the region’s employees’ salaries similar to how we pay salaries to employees in other Iraqi cities,” Hadithi added.

Regarding mechanisms and methods of salary payment, Hadithi said the government will also try to find a legal mechanism to pay the salaries of the region’s employees.

Salaries for KRG employees have been plagued by delays since 2014 and Kurdish authorities have repeatedly said they cannot make payments due to a number of crises affecting the region.

In February 2016, the Kurdish government cut government employee salaries by 15 to 75 percent, depending on position and salary bracket, as part of austerity measures to deal with the ongoing economic crisis.

“Reasons for not paying the employees’ salaries in the Kurdistan Region in the past were related to the unilateral policy of the Region’s government particularly in the oilfields of the region and Kirkuk,” Iraqi government’s spokesman said.

“All those became the reason for creation of the crises and unpaid salaries,” he added.