U.S. To Provide $75 Million in Additional Funding For Iraq Stabilization

U.S. To Provide $75 Million in Additional Funding For Iraq Stabilization

The United States announced on Tuesday (January 9) it will provide $75 million in additional funding to help stabilize Iraq as the country is fully liberated from Islamic State (ISIS).

U.S. Embassy to Iraq released a statement on Tuesday saying the United States plans to provide a total of $150 million for stabilization efforts to Iraq in 2018.

It will bring the total U.S. contribution to $265.3 million in Iraq since 2015, the embassy stated.

“Our commitment to the Iraqi people does not end with the eradication of ISIS,” U.S. Ambassador Silliman A. Douglas said.

“Communities in the liberated areas now face the daunting challenge of rebuilding their lives and restoring their cultural heritage. These funds will help restore basic services like water and electricity so that Iraqi families of all ethnic and religious backgrounds can return to their homes – safely, voluntarily, and with dignity.”

Part of the funding will address the needs of “vulnerable ethnic and religious minorities, especially those who have been victims of ISIS atrocities,” the statement read.

The Iraqi government said in June the reconstruction would cost the government of Iraq $100 billion USD and it will take ten years to rebuild areas damaged in the fight against the ISIS.

The war against ISIS, according to Iraqi government estimates, has resulted in damage to 90 percent of areas in war-torn Anbar, making the governorate the most affected.

ISIS seized vast areas north and west of Baghdad in a lightning offensive in 2014, endangering the very existence of the Iraqi state.