SDF Attacks Turkey-Backed Rebels In Northwestern Syria, Killing 45: Agency

SDF Attacks Turkey-Backed Rebels In Northwestern Syria, Killing 45: Agency

 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched attacks against the Turkish army in northwestern Syria, killing 45 members of groups backed by the Turks.

Hawar News Agency reported on Wednesday (January 24) that the SDF fighters killed 37 members of the rebel forces backed by the Turkish army in Omera and Qude villages in Afrin’s district of Rajo.

The Kurdish forces, a dominant part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, also destroyed a tank belonging to the Turkish army, the agency added.

One civilian was also killed and two others were injured by Turkey’s artillery attacks on Rajo district Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the SDF fighters attacked the Free Syrian Army (FSA), who are supporting the Turkish army in the offensive on Afrin, in the village of Bazara in Dar Tazzah in northwestern Syria. As many as eight FSA fighters were killed during the attack, ANHA reported.

The SDF released a report on the three-day’s fighting with the Turkish army and their allied group FSA on Tuesday, saying dozens of the Turkish army and FSA fighters were killed during the operation on Afrin.

Two armored vehicles and a military vehicle of the Turkish army were also destroyed, the SDF said.

The Turkish military and media "claim" that on Tuesday at least “260 Syrian Kurdish fighters and Islamic State (ISIS) militants” were killed in its four-day offensive into Afrin.

Turkey launched operation "Olive Branch" on Saturday, seeking to oust the Kurdish forces from the Afrin region of northwestern Syria.

The operation is sensitive as Washington relied on the Kurdish forces to oust Islamic State (ISIS) militants from their Syrian strongholds and the Kurdish forces now holds much of Syria's north.