Iraqi Mps Start Then Postpone Session Of Parliament

Iraqi Mps Start Then Postpone Session Of Parliament

The Iraqi Parliament postponed a session held on Sunday (May 29) after extending the legislative term for another month. The session is scheduled to be held the next day, Monday (May 30).

Kurdish parliamentarian blocs attended the session held on Sunday in the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad after meeting a quorum with 167 MPs in attendance.

The Kurdish blocs included members of the Change Movement (Gorran), the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The session of parliament was held after three voting sessions over a planned cabinet reshuffle were canceled.

Abadi discussed a major offensive launched by Iraqi forces to oust (ISIS) militants from the city of Fallujah, and urged unity to achieve victory against the militant group.

“The second phase of the liberation of Fallujah will begin today,” the prime minister said. “We should ignore discord among ourselves and join together to defeat Daesh [ISIS].”

Abadi said there is complete cooperation between Shia paramilitaries and security forces.

A political dispute among Iraqi lawmakers began with Abadi’s efforts at implementing government reforms, starting with a cabinet shakeup that would replace incumbent ministers with technocrats.

Representatives failed to approve the new list of appointees and one group of lawmakers began a boycott of the assembly, staging a sit-in and calling for Salim al-Jabouri to step down from his post as Parliament Speaker.

Jabouri has made attempts in recent weeks to hold a session but failed to reach a quorum.

The heads of Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Parliament left Baghdad after protesters stormed the highly-fortified International Zone (also known as the Green Zone), and briefly took over the parliament building.

Kurdish representatives announced on May 16 they would not return to Baghdad until normalcy is restored in the assembly and a session to be attended by all lawmakers is scheduled.