Peshmerga Liberate Four Villages East Of Mosul

Peshmerga Liberate Four Villages East Of Mosul

Peshmerga forces regained full control of four villages in their latest offensive against (ISIS) militants east of Mosul on Sunday (May 29).

Peshmerga forces, backed by coalition warplanes, launched an assault against ISIS militants in the Khazir area in the morning in an effort to retake villages under the control of the militants.

one member of Peshmerga forces was killed during the ground offensive.

Kurdish forces liberated the villages of Mufti, Tel Aswad, Zahra Khatun and Chamakor in the offensive against the militants, the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council (KRSC) tweeted.

The KRSC said coalition warplanes struck 30 ISIS positions during the assault east of Mosul.

“In today’s operation in East of Mosul, our courageous #Peshmerga cleared approx. 60 square km from #ISIL,” the KRSC said in a tweet on its official Twitter account, referring to ISIS by another acronym.

ISIS militants set fire to hide themselves from the coalition forces’ jets.

The KRSC posted a statement to its official Twitter account Sunday morning saying as many as 5,500 Peshmerga took part in the ground offensive.

Sunday’s operation is part of a push towards the militant strong-hold of Mosul. Coordinated operations to liberate the towns of Bartella and Hamdaniya were also reported.