Iraqi Army Regains Control Of Three Villages Near Makhmour

Iraqi Army Regains Control Of Three Villages Near Makhmour

Iraq’s army regained control of three villages near Makhmour on Sunday (June 12) with support from the U.S.-led Coalition.

Iraqi commander Amin Shekhani told that the Iraqi army took control of the villages of Khirab Jabri, Kaproki and Haj Ali from Islamic State (ISIS) militants, east of their stronghold, Mosul.

According to Iraqi commanders, Haj Ali, located about 60 km (40 miles) south of Mosul, is considered a strategic village between al-Qayyara, Makhmour and Sultan Abdulla.

A military source told that U.S. Coalition forces participated in the operations and that a U.S. artillery base in the area took part in bombardments.

Iraqi troops were deployed to the northern Makhmour area earlier this year and launched an operation in March, as Peshmerga, Iraqi and Coalition forces began shaping operations ahead of a takeover of Mosul. Iraqi forces have since captured a number of villages on the eastern bank of the Tigris River.

An armored brigade was deployed to Makhmour, along with boats and bridges, last week to facilitate troops’ crossing to the Tigris’ western bank.