Turkmen To Create Tribal Force To Join Mosul Operation

Turkmen To Create Tribal Force To Join Mosul Operation

Iraq’s Turkmen bloc is preparing a tribal force to participate in the liberation of Mosul, the bloc’s president said on Saturday (June 18).

The President of the Iraqi Turkmen bloc, Arshad Salhi, met with the policy director of the U.S. embassy in Iraq in Baghdad on Saturday to exchange views on the Mosul operation. Salhi announced the plan to create the tribal force to join the Mosul operation.

“We are going to put together a Turkmen tribal force to take part in the liberation of Mosul and Tal Afar district,” Salhi said.

Salhi expressed concern over the involvement and participation of Turkmen in the future administration of the region.

“There is no confidence now between the Iraqi political parties, which is why we are creating our own tribal forces in the area,” he said. “The project presented by the political parties has brought no benefit to the public.”

Both sides confirmed the participation of all political parties in the upcoming offensive and the necessity of the communication and participation of all sides in the military operation.

In a response to Salhi, the U.S embassy policy director said there was a need for the Turkmen people to have a united force because they had faced violence and murder from the Islamic State (ISIS) in the past.

Two years ago, Turkmen fled from their homes after facing abuse, violence and murder when ISIS captured part of the Nineveh Governorate and the district of Tal Afar.