Iran, Iraq Seek Cooperation To Settle Dust Pollution

Iran, Iraq Seek Cooperation To Settle Dust Pollution

The Iranian government is urging Iraq to engage in mutual environmental cooperation with the country in a bid to tackle dust pollution, Iranian media reported.

Iranian Vice President and the head of the Environmental Protection Organization, Masoumeh Ebtekar, highlighted on Tuesday the negative effects of dust storms originating from Iraq in a phone call with Iraqi Minister of Environment Jassim Abdul Aziz.

Ebtekar expressed concern over the hostile impact of dust storms on health as well as on economic and social fields, encouraging neighboring countries to resolve dust pollution.

Abdul Aziz said cooperation between Iraq and Iran was needed to overcome environmental issues, saying Baghdad is near completion on a database pursuing measures to track down the sources of dust storms.

An Iraqi delegation is expected to pay a visit in an effort to boost an environmental agreement between the two countries by discussing measures to tackle the issue of dust pollution, according to IRNA News Agency, citing Abdul Aziz.

The Iraqi Weather Forecast Administration said temperatures in the country will increase in the coming days and dusty skies will be seen again.

The board said skies will be clear but the temperature will increase in some areas. In Baghdad the temperature will pass 45 degrees Celsius and some regions will experience dusty air.