Nineveh Operations: Isis Leader Killed South Of Mosul

Nineveh Operations: Isis Leader Killed South Of Mosul

An Islamic State (ISIS) leader was killed in an attack by the Iraq army in the area south of Mosul, Nineveh Operations Command said.

The Iraqi army announced on Saturday (June 25) Allawi Sha'lan Bakir was killed after forces attacked positions held by ISIS militants south of Mosul.

Head of Nineveh Operations Command, Najim al-Jabouri, said the Iraqi army bombarded bases and positions controlled by ISIS killing more than 30 militants.

Three car bombs exploded in the village of Nasir targeting security forces, Jabouri added.

Two oil tankers exploded after the Iraqi army attacked ISIS positions in the area of Hamam Alil.

Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi announced the operation to regain the sub-district of Gyarah several days ago.

Iraqi forces and Hashid al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) numbering in the tens of thousands are in the area to retake the sub-district before the operation to regain Mosul.