Sadr Supporters Resume Demonstrations In Baghdad

Sadr Supporters Resume Demonstrations In Baghdad

Thousands of Iraqis gathered for a protest in Baghdad's Tahrir Square on Friday (July 15), answering a call by Shia religious and political figure Moqtada al-Sadr.

protesters have convened for renewed demonstrations in the Iraqi capital despite serious security precautions taken by local forces hoping to avoid violence and attacks.

Iraqi authorities have cut internet access across the country, excluding the Kurdistan Region, as a security precaution.

Demonstrators say they are calling for peace in the country following a series of deadly bombings, including one attack in Karrada earlier this month that killed nearly 300 people.

“We don’t want a sectarian division of Iraq; Iraq is united,” said one protest organizer.

Mr. Sadr, however, called on the United States to leave Iraq in an address to the crowd.

“Today, I came as a protestor to continue with you,” Sadr told the crowd in Tahrir Square. “Acccept this motto, we don’t accept anything else, yes, yes to Iraq, peace, peace.”

“Sunni and Shia brothers, don’t sell this country, [to] the U.S., get out,” Sadr continued.

Shia cleric Sadr called on his supporters on Wednesday (July 14) to hold a million-man demonstration in the Tahrir Square against corruption.