Civilian Deaths In Iraq Nearly Doubled In July

Civilian Deaths In Iraq Nearly Doubled In July

The United Nations reported that 759 Iraqis were killed and an additional 1,207 were injured as a result of terrorism, violence and armed conflict in the country in July.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) recorded casualty figures in the country, which showed an overwhelming number of Iraqis killed in July were civilians, despite ongoing military operation against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Of the 759 deaths recorded, 629 were civilians, police, civil defense forces, security guards and fire fighters.

The remaining 130 deaths were represented by members of the Iraqi security forces, including Peshmerga and Shia militia forces.

Civilian casualty figures in July nearly doubled over the previous month when UNAMI reported 382 deaths unrelated to security forces.

Civilian deaths in Iraq as a result of violence had been experiencing a steady decline since mid-2014 when 7,663 Iraqi civilians were killed between May and October of that year.

Casualty numbers in June 2016 were the lowest they had been since March 2013.

The worst affected governorate in July was Baghdad with 513 killed and 887 injured, after a series of deadly suicide bombings in the city during the month.

Iraq’s health minister announced on July 31 that the death toll in the July 3 Karrada district bombing had climbed to 324 and could go higher as a number of bodies have yet to be identified.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack that happened in the busy days leading up to the Eid holiday marking the end of the month of Ramadan when markets would have been packed with shoppers looking to buy gifts.