Obeidi: ‘Strong Cooperation’ Between Peshmerga, Nineveh Ops Command

Obeidi: ‘Strong Cooperation’ Between Peshmerga, Nineveh Ops Command

Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi said there is “strong cooperation” between the Peshmerga forces and Nineveh Operations Command to liberate the city of Mosul.

Obeidi arrived in Makhmour on Monday for meetings with commanders on the ground, as Iraqi security forces push closer towards Mosul.

During a press conference, Obeidi said all Iraqi forces will participate in the offensive to regain Mosul and that the liberation of Mosul is near.

“The Mosul war will be carried out as it has been planned for,” Obeidi added. “The Nineveh Operations Commander has met with Masoud Barzani for preparation and cooperation between both sides.”

Obeidi’s visit to Makhmour was in order to closely monitor preparations for the operation to regain Mosul from the control of ISIS.

In a similar visit, Obeidi, accompanied by the Iraqi army chief of staff and senior officers, visited the Nineveh Operations Command in Makhmour on June 25.