Iraqi Parliament Passes General Amnesty Draft Law

Iraqi Parliament Passes General Amnesty Draft Law

Lawmakers in the Iraqi Parliament agreed on Thursday (August 25) to pass a general amnesty draft law despite concerns the law could lead to the release of terrorists or criminals.

The House of Representative held a regular session on Thursday concerning Measures in Article 61 of the Iraqi constitution for the questioning of Defense Minster Khalid al-Obeidi over corruption allegations.

The session is also aimed to vote on a bill of border crossing points and recommendations concerning the obstacles of liberating the Nineveh Governorate from the control of Isis militants, according to a previous announcement by parliament.

The questioning of Iraqi Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, is also expected to be on the session's agenda.

The fourth amendment of the Iraqi Journalists' Syndicate law was also due to put to a vote.

Iraqi parliamentarians are likely to complete the reading of proposed amendments to retirement law no. 9 of 2014.

The meeting also includes discussions on a draft meant for exempting foreign companies and contractors from fees.

Lawmakers have already voted to sack Defense Minister Khalif al-Obeidi, after a session of questioning over corruption charges.