Increasing Number Of Iraqi Civilians Injured In Fighting Around Mosul

Increasing Number Of Iraqi Civilians Injured In Fighting Around Mosul

The escalation in fighting between Iraqi coalition forces and Islamic State (ISIS) militants around the northern city of Mosul has led to an increasing number of civilians being injured in the crossfire. In response, Iraqi forces have set up front line field clinics to provide treatment for innocent victims.

At a village about five kilometers from the front line, a field clinic has been set up by Iraqi Special Operations Forces to deal with this increasing stream of battleground victims. However, Khalil Jawad Kathim, commander of the clinic, said that despite being just a three-room residential house with no windows, the clinic is the most advanced one at any of the Mosul front lines. He said the field clinic was previously used to receive and treat injured soldiers only, but with more civilians getting injured in the fighting, they have started providing medical care to them also.

"This is the most advanced medical aid station at the front line. As the extremists have expanded their attacks on civilians, we receive more and more patients every day. At first, the number was about 50 people, but now it can be 120 people a day or even more," said Kathim.

For those who have been sent to the clinic, if their injuries are too severe, they will be sent to a nearby emergency center by ambulance. Within three hours, more than 20 injured people were sent to the center. Unfortunately, three of them died.

Kathim is unwilling to reveal the exact number of people dying at the clinic every day, but he said more and more civilians are getting hurt, most of whom are children. On Thursday alone, a total of 17 children received treatment at the clinic for injuries sustained by shelling from ISIS.