Iraq Ministry Of Oil To Provide More Kerosene To Kurdistan, Lawmaker Says

Iraq Ministry Of Oil To Provide More Kerosene To Kurdistan, Lawmaker Says

The Iraq Ministry of Oil has vowed to provide more kerosene to the Kurdistan Region, a member of the Iraqi parliament said on Sunday (December 4).

Kurdish lawmaker from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Farhad Qadir, said that a PUK delegation met with officials from the Ministry of Oil where a promise was made to provide kerosene to the people of the Kurdistan Region.

The delegation called specifically on the Ministry to increase the amount of kerosene for the region’s people. Both sides agreed that the process of sending oil is to be continued.

“The Iraqi oil ministry has promised it will send more kerosene to the Kurdistan Region per day,” Qadir added, without giving more detail concerning the amount.

More than 20 million liters of kerosene has been sent to the Kurdistan Region so far this year, though the Iraqi central government had vowed to send 100 million liters.

The people of the Kurdistan Region depend on kerosene for heating as the electricity supply to homes and businesses has now decreased to nine hours a day.

According to Kurdish officials, the hours of government electricity available is expected to reduce further in the region as temperatures continue to decrease over the next few days and weeks.

The electricity issue in the Kurdistan Region has continued for the past decade despite continued efforts and promises from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials to solve the issue.