Iraqi Art Students Display Works At Baghdad Exhibition

Iraqi Art Students Display Works At Baghdad Exhibition

 Drawings, sculptures and paintings depicting the migrant crisis are part of an exhibition in the Iraqi capital.

The Baghdad show has brought together the work of students as well as university teachers from the country's Fine Art schools.

Angham Sadoun from the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts is in charge of the exhibition.

"Iraqis defend their country, each one from his own position, some defend their country by carrying weapon, others by words and we defend our country through painting and artistic work. We are representing Iraqi artists and declaring our resistance and struggle in the face of violence and oppression," she said.

Dean of Basra Academy of Fine Arts, Nasir Hashim, said the country's art scene was flourishing despite conflict and sectarian violence.

"Despite the fact that Iraq has been going through difficult circumstances and wars, the artistic and cultural movement doesn't end and vanish. The Iraqi artist is creative in all circumstances. So we can now see that there are so many works in the fields of drawing, sculpture and earthenware," he said.

Many of the works dealt with contemporary subjects, such as conflict and the migration crisis, with paintings showing the plight of those impacted by war.

The Iraqi army is engaged in a campaign to drive out Islamic State from Mosul, after the militants captured large areas in Iraq and Syria.