Iraqi Forces Rescue Family Trapped Under Rubble In Mosul

Iraqi Forces Rescue Family Trapped Under Rubble In Mosul

Members of the Iraqi security forces on Thursday (January 5) rescued four members of a family trapped under rubble in a partially demolished house in Mosul, recently seized from Islamic State (ISIS), video filmed by a government Media War Cell team shows.

A female member of the family to led the security forces to where her relatives were buried in the Salam district in southeastern Mosul, told them they had been held as human shields by four ISIS militants, Media War Cell reported.

It was not disclosed whether the house was hit by an air strike or blown up by the militants holed up inside.

The family, rescued by members of the counter-terrorism service, rapid response division and federal police with the help of the Media War Cell team, was evacuated to a nearby field hospital for treatment.

Though vastly outnumbered in Mosul, ISIS militants have used the urban terrain and the cover of a civilian population of 1.5 million people still living there to manoeuvre, launch attacks and avoid detection.

The jihadists, who are deploying snipers and suicide car bombers and using civilians as human shields, are still in full control of Mosul west of the Tigris.

Elite Iraqi troops advanced against ISIS militants in eastern Mosul in their first night-time raid in the city on Friday (January 6) in a U.S.-backed operation which officials say is gaining momentum.

Advances in recent days have driven militants out of several additional areas east of the river.

A second phase of the nearly 12-week campaign to drive Islamic State out of its last major city stronghold in Iraq began last Thursday. The Mosul offensive is the biggest in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.