Iraqi Army Sweeps Yarimja District For Remaining Militants

Iraqi Army Sweeps Yarimja District For Remaining Militants

 Iraqi special forces swept through the recaptured district of Yarimja in southern Mosul on Sunday (January 15), one of the last areas that had been controlled by Islamic State militants in the south of the city.

The advance brings them to the southeastern banks of the Tigris river, which the forces reached last week for the first time in the almost 3-month campaign.

However, the areas of the city to the west of the river remain under ISIS control and still pose a danger to Iraqi forces.

"Yesterday, rapid response forces were able to liberate the district of Yarimja, which we consider strategic due to its proximity to the Mosul airport. As you know, after we have liberated and cleared the area, we set up a new frontline and are waiting for orders to move onto the western side," said captain Ali Radi of the rapid response unit.

Soldiers seized dozens of weapons and mortar shells left behind by Islamic State militants.

The forces also uncovered a cemetery which has been desecrated by the militants, who have destroyed all the headstones.

Assaults on the western half of Mosul are expected to begin once Iraqi forces have secured the east bank.