Mosul Mosques Preach Moderate Message After Isis Driven Out

Mosul Mosques Preach Moderate Message After Isis Driven Out

 Hundreds of Muslim worshipers attended weekly prayers in a mosque in eastern Mosul on Friday (February 10) and recounted the time during the Islamic State's (ISIS) rule of the Iraqi region for more than two years.

One man said residents were punished for not attending Friday prayers.

"They brought their own speakers and all of the mosque speakers read out the same sermon, it was a unified sermon and those who didn't attend Friday prayers were subjected to lashes,'' said Abu Laith, who was at the Ziad al-Iraqi Mosque in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood.

One young worshipper said ISIS preachers promoted jihadism and talked about takfir, which means apostasy in Arabic, during their weekly sermons.

At the prayer in Qadisiyah, the head of the Sunni endowment in Iraq, Abdel Latif Hamim, said mosques had an important role to pray in Iraq to counter ISIS’ jihadist message.

Soldiers stood outside the mosque searching people going in.

Not long after the prayers, five people were killed in two separate suicide bombings in the nearby neighborhoods of al-Zuhour and al-Nour, the first such attacks since Iraqi forces retook eastern Mosul two weeks ago.