Canada Deploys Aircrew To The Kurdistan Region

Canada Deploys Aircrew To The Kurdistan Region

The Canadian military has deployed around 60 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s (CAF) 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron based in Edmonton to the Kurdistan Region, according to Canadian media.

Canadian media reported on Monday (April 17) that members from 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron will relieve their Canadian colleagues from Quebec’s 430 Squadron, who have been in the Kurdistan Region for the last six months.

“We provide air power that integrates with and supports our CAF and coalition partners. The tactical helicopter detachment is a crucial component of this commitment,” Christian Drouin, Commander 1 Canadian Air Division, said.

“430 Squadron has done a tremendous job over the past few months, maintaining a level of excellence that I know 408 Squadron will continue,” Drouin added.

The Squadron members will fly and maintain up to four CH-146 Griffon helicopters, providing tactical transport for Canadian troops and material near Erbil.

The government of Canada deployed CH-146 Griffon helicopters and personnel to Operation IMPACT in May 2016.

Canada has also deployed one CC-150(T) Polaris air-to-air refueling aircraft to the region.

There are nearly 830 Canadian personnel based in Iraq and Kuwait, including dozens of Special Forces soldiers training the Peshmerga forces fighting Islamic State (ISIS) militants.