Iraqi Troops Freed 11-Year-Old Ezidi Girl During Assault On Isis

Iraqi Troops Freed 11-Year-Old Ezidi Girl During Assault On Isis

 A 11-year-old Ezidi girl was freed by Iraqi forces during an assault on Islamic State in west Mosul, the federal police said in a statement.

Farah Dakhil was kidnapped by the militants from her hometown of Sinjar about three years ago, her cousin said. In the summer of 2014 militants overran northern Iraq and purged its Ezidi minority.

Seen in a video distributed by the federal police filmed on Thursday (April 22), Dakhil, wearing a light green head scarf and surrounded by numerous Iraqi officers, did not answer questions she was asked.

The federal police released a statement saying Dakhil was freed during an assault by Iraqi forces in west Mosul neighborhood of al-Tenak neighborhood and that the only information she provided was her name. Dakhil's cousin was called to the police headquarters to pick her up.

Hundreds of Ezidis were killed and more than 6,000 taken captive by the ultra-hardline group, who regard the Ezidis' faith as devil-worship.

Islamic State (ISIS) has hounded ethnic and religious minorities in northern Iraq since seizing the city of Mosul in June 2014, killing and displacing thousands of Christians, Shabaks and Turkmen who lived for centuries in one of the most diverse parts of the Middle East.

Proclaiming a theocratic caliphate, ISIS has tried to erase the Ezidis' identity by forcing men to choose between conversion to Islam or death, raping girls as young as nine, selling women at slave markets, and drafting boys to fight.