Turkish Strikes Have No ‘Justification,’ Says Iraqi Parliament's Deputy Speaker

Turkish Strikes Have No ‘Justification,’ Says Iraqi Parliament's Deputy Speaker

The Iraqi Parliament’s deputy speaker denounced the Turkish air raids in Sinjar saying the airstrikes have no “justification.”

“I call upon the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to summon the Turkish ambassador to condemn the attacks,” Deputy Speaker Aram Sheikh Mohammed said in a statement on Tuesday (April 25).

The deputy speaker added that air raids by the Turkish government are a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, international agreements, as well as an agreement between neighboring countries.

“The air strikes will affect the relations between both countries and will spoil stability in the area while the Iraqi forces are launching operations against Daesh in Mosul,” he noted referring to Islamic State (ISIS).

Turkish warplanes launched air raids against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated YBS in Sinjar at 2 a.m. on Tuesday. According to the YBS, one fighter was killed and another one was also wounded.

An airstrike on a Peshmerga headquarters in Sinjar is also reported to have killed five Peshmerga and wounded nine others.

The region’s Ministry of Peshmerga said in a statement that the airstrikes on the Peshmerga were “unacceptable,” and urged the PKK to withdraw its fighters from Sinjar.

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker, Yousif Mohammed, and five factions called on the international community and United Nations as well as the Coalition to intervene in the Turkey’s strikes inside the Kurdistan Region.