Egypt, Iran Slam Turkish Air Raids On Sinjar, Say Could Complicate Situation

Egypt, Iran Slam Turkish Air Raids On Sinjar, Say Could Complicate Situation

 The governments of Egypt and Iran slammed the Turkish airstrikes on Tuesday (April 25) in Sinjar that killed five Kurdish Peshmerga and one fighter from the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS).

A spokesperson for Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday (April 27) that Turkish airstrikes on the Kurds in Sinjar were an “unacceptable violation” of Iraq’s sovereignty and could complicate the situation in the region.

“[Cairo] condemns the Turkish airstrike in the area of the Sinjar mountains… such actions will complicate the situation in the region and hamper anti-terrorist efforts… these [airstrikes] are an unacceptable violation of Iraq's sovereignty and unjustified aggression against its lands,” the statement read.

“The Arab Republic of Egypt says that it stands together with the government and people of Iraq in the face of flagrant attack, which cannot be justified,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qassemi, said on Wednesday (April 26) that Turkish air raids in Sinjar were a breach of the Arab country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Violating the national sovereignty of other countries with any purpose or under any pretext is an infringement of internationally recognized rules and regulations and will pave the way for further instability in the region,” Qassemi added.

Turkish warplanes shelled the Sinjar region at 2am on Tuesday (April 25) resulting in the death of one member of the YBS, as well as five Peshmerga who were also based in Sinjar. Around the same time, Turkish airstrikes hit the People’s Protection Units’ (YPG) buildings in northeastern Syria, killing at least 20 YPG members.

The Iraqi Parliament called on the foreign ministry to summon the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad for the air raids in the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday (April 26) that the Turkish airstrikes on Iraq and Syria were “unacceptable” and that they were “inflicted on the territory of sovereign states.”

The Pentagon also expressed concern over the strikes regarding the lack of cooperation and dialogue.