Iraqi Forces Foil Isis Attack In Rutbah

Iraqi Forces Foil Isis Attack In Rutbah

 Iraqi forces thwarted an attack by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the town of al-Rutbah in the Anbar Governorate, an Iraqi officer said.

The officer said on Tuesday (May 2) ISIS militants first attacked the headquarters of Iraqi forces with mortars and katyusha rockets in eastern Rutbah at 5 a.m. that morning.

The militants then attacked the Iraqi forces and clashes erupted between them, the officer added. The Iraqi forces thwarted the attack following two hours of clashes.

Up to 10 Iraqi soldiers were killed and six others wounded due to the attack, he noted. The ISIS militants withdrew to the desert areas near Rutbah.

Iraqi forces regained control of Rutbah in October 2016 after a two-day battle during which the commanders saw limited resistance from ISIS.

ISIS militants captured Rutbah in June 2014 shortly after Mosul fell to the group.

The militant attack comes as Iraqi forces are fighting ISIS insurgents in western Mosul, the last stronghold of the group where ISIS leader Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi proclaimed the group’s “caliphate.”