21 Journalists Killed In Iraq Over One-Year Period

21 Journalists Killed In Iraq Over One-Year Period

 The Iraqi Observatory for Press Freedoms reported on Tuesday (May 2) that Iraq is the most dangerous country for press as 21 journalists have been killed in a one-year period.

From May 3, 2016 until May 2, 2017, a total of 21 journalists have been killed, showing that deadly violations against media freedom is on the rise, the organization said.

“Despite making demands to take needed actions to save journalists lives, Iraq is the most dangerous place for them to work,” the journalists’ rights group said in a statement.

Journalists have been beaten, faced violence and been arrested during the last 12 months. The rights group said it had recorded cases of government officials, parliament members and provincial council members having filed lawsuits against journalists.

Earlier in April, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, was one of the most dangerous countries for journalists to work in.

In its 2017 World Press Freedom Index for 180 countries, Reporters Without Borders ranked Iraq at 158.

The RSF said journalists are targeted in the country by gunmen with pro-government militias as well as militant opposition groups including the Islamic State (ISIS).

“The murders of journalists go unpunished and, if investigations are opened, they yield no result,” the RSF added.