Iraqi PM Forms Committee To Investigate Murder Of North Gas Co. Official

Iraqi PM Forms Committee To Investigate Murder Of North Gas Co. Official

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has formed a committee to investigate the security situation in the city of Kirkuk, where assassinations and murders are on the rise.

A committee from the Iraqi Interior Ministry is set to pay a visit to Kirkuk in an effort to investigate the recent murder of the Deputy Director of North Gas Company, Mohammed Younis, and other cases of abduction and assassination.

A source said the Iraqi Interior Minister, Qasim al-Araji, summoned both the General Director of Kirkuk Police Forces, Khattab Omar, and the head of Kirkuk’s Intelligence Department.

“The committee is expected to thoroughly investigate the incident to find leads and the perpetrators involved in the murder,” Jolla said.

North Gas Company Deputy Director Mohammed Younis and his bodyguard were murdered near the Huzayran checkpoint in Kirkuk on Tuesday (May 2).

Attacks on officials and journalists are not uncommon in Kirkuk. The murder of Kurdish journalist Soran Mama Hama, who was killed outside his Kirkuk home in 2008, remains unsolved, nearly nine years after his death.

A police officer working at the directorate of crime prevention was killed in Runaki neighborhood on February 8 after he was shot from a car while en route to work.

The director of Radio Baba Gurgur was killed on December 6, 2016 by gunmen driving a car in Kirkuk’s neighborhood of Iruba shortly after he left the radio station.

Kirkuk police also found the bullet-ridden body of a Kurdish lawyer in the city’s Askari neighborhood on June 21 in another high-profile murder in the northern city.

Kirkuk Provincial Council member Mohammed Khalil Jabbouri – a senior Arab member of the Kirkuk council – and his wife were killed by a group of unidentified gunmen on December 1, 2015.