Three Killed, Seven Wounded In Northern Baghdad Blast

Three Killed, Seven Wounded In Northern Baghdad Blast

Three people were killed and another seven wounded on Thursday (May 11) after an explosion rocked the northern Baghdad neighborhood of Shula, a security source said.

The source from the Iraqi Interior Ministry, who did not want his name to be disclosed, said the death toll is expected to rise as some of the injured are in critical condition.

Iraqi security forces have cordoned off the site of the explosion and set up temporary checkpoints near the neighborhood of Shula, fearing more blasts may occur.

Security raids have been launched in the neighborhood of Ghazaliya near Shula and some people have been arrested, according to a source who spoke with NRT Arabic.

The security situation in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad has been deteriorating as U.S.-backed Iraqi forces are currently fighting to push the Islamic State (ISIS) from western Mosul, the fighters' last major stronghold in the country, but are facing fierce resistance.

Conflict in Iraq during the month of April caused the deaths of 317 civilians and the injury of another 403, the United Nations reported on May 1.

A total of 153 people were killed and another 123 wounded in Nineveh due to acts of terrorism, violence and armed conflict, making the war-torn governorate the most affected.

Casualty figures in the country, which the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) recorded, showed an overwhelming number of Iraqis killed in April were civilians, despite ongoing military operations against ISIS.