Iraqi Army Launches Fresh Offensive To Secure Isis-Held Areas In Mosul

Iraqi Army Launches Fresh Offensive To Secure Isis-Held Areas In Mosul

 Iraqi forces began on Saturday (May 27) a fresh offensive to retake areas that remain under the control of the Islamic State (ISIS) in western Mosul.

The commander of Nineveh Operations, Abdul-Amir Yarallah, said that the Iraqi Army had announced the launch of an operation termed “We are coming Nineveh” in an effort to reclaim the remaining three ISIS-held neighborhoods in Mosul.

“The Iraqi Army stormed Shifa area and Jumhouriyah Hospital. The Federal Police stormed Zanjali neighborhood and the anti-terror forces stormed the first Seha district," the military media cell quoted him as saying.

The Iraqi Army on May 22 released a map showing the latest update on battle-progress in the war-torn Mosul city, most of which is now cleared of the militants.

ISIS militants captured Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, when they swept across the country's north in the summer of 2014. Iraqi forces have gradually clawed back territory since then, and launched a massive operation to retake Mosul in October last year.

The United Nations said up to 200,000 people might flee Mosul as Iraqi forces continue their operations to dislodge ISIS militants in western Mosul.

Nearly 700,000 people have been displaced in Mosul since the start of the Mosul campaign in October 2016, seeking refuge either with their friends and relatives or in camps.