Viyan, A 23-Year-Old Kurd, Crowned Miss Iraq 2017

Viyan, A 23-Year-Old Kurd, Crowned Miss Iraq 2017

 Viyan Amir Nuri, a 23-year-old Kurd, was chosen as Miss Iraq 2017 in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, a competition sponsored by Nalia Media Corporation (NMC) and NRT channels.

Miss Iraq 2017, which began on Thursday (May 25) in Baghdad, involved the participation of 15 women from the provinces of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region's provinces, where they competed to be crowned the 2017 winner.

The Miss Iraq 2017 committee ended up choosing Viyan, who lives in western Baghdad, to be crowned this year’s winner.

Viyan Amir Nuri is originally a resident of the city of Sulaimani, but recently moved to Baghdad where she works at an insurance/investment company in the Iraqi capital.

As this year’s winner, Viyan will also be Iraq’s representative for the Miss Universe competition.

Masty Hama, became Miss Halabja Hawraman, from Halabja province was the first runner-up for Miss Iraq 2017, and Marina Roqan from Baghdad was chosen as the second runner-up and became Miss Rusafa-East Baghdad. Sara Abdulwahid became Miss Erbil and was selected as the third runner-up for Miss Iraq 2017.

Shahad Shaalan was chosen as Miss Baghdad Belt, Lydya Khallat was selected as Miss Nineveh and Shnyar Ali became Miss Sulaimani.

The Miss Iraq competition is a formal activity permitted by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities.

Nalia Media Corporation and NRT channels have sponsored several conferences and ceremonies over the last few months, including the Sulaimani Forum at the American University in Iraq – Sulaimani, the Iraq Energy Forum and the International Festival for Reading the Quran.

Iraq held its first beauty pageant in 1972 and again in 2015 after 43 years without the competition. The competition was held in 2015 despite harassment and death threats from hardliners in the country who said the pageant was immoral.