Iraqi Forces Fight Islamic State In Western Mosul

Iraqi Forces Fight Islamic State In Western Mosul

 Iraq's Rapid Response force engaged in fierce fighting with Islamic State militants encamped in Mosul's al-Zanjili district on Saturday (June 3), one of the last three districts held by the group in the city.

Heavy thuds of bombings and crackles of gunfire echoed across the district's empty streets and thick plumes of black and white smoke billowed into the sky during the ongoing assault.

David Eubank, the leader of humanitarian association Free Burma Rangers (FBR) which operates in Iraq as well as Myanmar and Sudan, told Reuters he had seen Islamic State militants shooting civilians that attempted to flee the area.

Zanjili district is part of the enclave that remains in the hands of Islamic State in the northern Iraqi city, alongside the Old City center and the Medical City hospitals complex.

Iraq's elite Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) units captured the city's Sihha district from Islamic State on Friday (June 2).