Rouhani notes record 6% women elected

Rouhani notes record 6% women elected

The president of Iran has congratulated voters on electing a record number of women to parliament since before the 1979 Islamic revolution.

It was President Hassan Rouhani's first reaction to the results of Friday's run-off election, in which moderates and  reformists won a working majority.

The 17 women elected make up 6% of the new cohort of 290 MPs.

Only 16 cleric MPs have been voted in, meaning the new parliament will include more women than religious leaders.

President Rouhani acknowledged the new record and said: "People chose the best candidates in the 26 February and 29 April elections."

The results signal "a major shift in public support away from hardline Islamic conservatives".

Friday's run-off election was held in constituencies where no candidate had won the minimum proportion of the vote in a first round in February. Four women were elected in the run-off, joining other women who had been voted in already.

The outgoing parliament includes nine female representatives.

Friday's vote gives women in Iran the same share of seats as in countries including Thailand and Nigeria.