Battle Against Isis In Philippine City Continues

Battle Against Isis In Philippine City Continues

Government troops continued their operations against Islamic State (ISIS) linked militants occupying a southern Philippine city on Saturday (July 1) as fighting for control of the town continues for the sixth week.

Philippine soldiers established sniper's nests in tall buildings and fired mortar shells into rebel positions.

Three civilians were rescued from the crossfire, one of them saying Islamist militants were firing shots at them during their escape.

"They [militants] fired at us. They kept firing at us. Good thing we turned left at the corner and pass through the side streets," rescued civilian Jose Locanas said.

Around 300 militants, 82 security forces and 44 civilians have been killed in the ongoing conflict since it began on May 23 when a raid for a top Islamist leader prompted rebels to go on a rampage in Marawi.