Sadr Calls On Barzani To Postpone Referendum

Sadr Calls On Barzani To Postpone Referendum

Iraqi Shia political leader Moqtada al-Sadr has called on Masoud Barzani to postpone a planned referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, scheduled for September 25.

“I call upon Masoud Barzani to postpone the referendum to split from Iraq, especially as we are close to liberating Mosul. And that delay becomes a step to cancel it in the future,” Sadr said in a statement on Tuesday (July 4).

Sadr added there is one unified Iraq for everyone and that there are no differences between Iraqi individuals.

The Shia leader also criticized a member of the State of Law Coalition who said Kurds must be dismissed in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces after Kurdistan announces independence.

The Kurdistan Region declared on June 7 a plan to hold the referendum on the region’s independence this year on September 25.

The announcement came following a meeting between the region’s political parties, not including the Change Movement (Gorran) and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG).

The decision has concerned Iraq, the United States, Britain, Russia and Germany, Turkey and Iran.