Security Forces Detain 35 Suspected Isis Members Around Kirkuk

Security Forces Detain 35 Suspected Isis Members Around Kirkuk

Kurdish security forces in Kirkuk detained 35 suspected Islamic State (ISIS) members around Kirkuk in recent days, the city’s suburban police said on Thursday (July 20).

A statement from Kirkuk Suburban Police said the city’s security forces have arrested 35 wanted persons south of Kirkuk and in Dubis district this week.

The detainees, who were arrested in accordance with Article 4 of the Terror Law, were wanted by a court in Kirkuk over the charge of having links to the ISIS group, the statement added.

Kurdish security forces launched a search campaign in the district of Dubis and the area south of Kirkuk to find suspected ISIS members and people wanted by the court.

Kirkuk police said on Monday (July 17) that ISIS militants killed five people in a village near Dubis district. Security forces detained five people wanted by the court in accordance with Article 5 of the Terror Law.

ISIS militants have been active in and around Kirkuk since the group’s rampage across Iraq in 2014 and the governorate’s Hawija district is a remaining stronghold of the militant group in the country.