German Academy of media in Iraq Depth of professionalism and credibility of pursuit

Dr. Naji Al – Fatlawi

Speaking of the German Academy in Iraq is modern with the depth of the media experience in Germany. More precisely, its vital field has begun since the post-World War II period, to restore the spirit of conscious preparedness and the proper movement of tools linked to the free press, through vocabulary that indicates how to liberate from plankton and rods of the former media joints under the banner of the military and owners of funds and influence, as well as the clear efforts to make media in Germany follow the free press standards. This what makes the link line and the vital similarity field between the experience of media in Iraq after the fall of the regime in 2003 and the media experience in Germany after the war within a coherent dynamic range. Although the interval is more than sixty-five years and this interval is considered for the media in Germany as a deep professional experience that can be quotable from others if the subscription ceiling is available in circumstances, challenges and possibilities.

So as a personal experience with this academy, whether during my invitation to Germany to attend a brief workshop to discuss the situation of refugees and also to take a general view of the media scene in Iraq, or my visit to Dr. Anya, Assistant President of the Academy, I touched the real atmosphere of professionalism in the field of media and through the taking care of small things before the large ones portal.

 Note that this professional work diagnosis in this institution has been previously touched by me during my attendance to two workshops held in the city of Sulaymaniyah, and through direct contact with Professors Dana Assaad, director of the Academy in Iraq and Ali Marzouk Director of the Academy in Baghdad. In addition to the former cooperation of the training institute of the Iraqi Media Network with the Academy to make more than one session.

Besides the keeping pace with services for all of the media production phases included even the support of marketing, advertising, and public relations personnel, and those involved in civil society organizations, it has recorded a huge presence touched by the connecters in the first media line in Ira, where a large part of the professionalism of the work in keeping up with the topics of workshops that are held to the nature of events and reality.

One of this realism credibility is making several workshops that illustrate the biggest and most prominent event of the past two years, which is the emergence of Isis and the its aggravation terrorist threat. Therefore, the Foundation has charted a roadmap to demonstrate the standards of professional media dealing with this reality.

Here, I refer to the following points:

First: The work of the Academy in Iraq during this period (the emergence of Isis and the occupation of Mosul) is reflected in the enhancement of media coverage to defiance Isis.

Second: Holding various workshops and meetings. Third: Helping the raise of awareness among decision-makers in some media means across all activities in order to present a speech devoid of the irritant extremism leading to violent behavior, which is classified as terrorism.

Fourth: create professional standards to confront the new wave of sectarianism, through the proper monitoring of what is written and expressed and related to terrorism. In recognition of the above, I would like to record my high appreciation for the sincere efforts of this institution to crystallize a media that promotes conscious and accurate research.