Iraqi Troops Discover Suspected Mass Grave In Ramadi

Iraqi Troops Discover Suspected Mass Grave In Ramadi

The Iraqi army found in the province of Anbar a mass grave containing the bodies of 40 people who were probably executed by (ISIS), Iraqi security forces said on Friday (August 4).

The bodies which were uncovered in the western city of Ramadi had sustained bullet wounds to the head, an official from the Martyrs Committee in Anbar province, Ammar Nuri al-Dulaimani, said.

An army colonel, who did not want to be identified, said that Iraqi troops found the bodies wile sweeping the southern Ramadi neighborhood of al-Tach.

Dozens of mass graves have been found in areas taken back from ISIS across Iraq since the war against the terror group began in 2014.

Camp Speicher, located in Tikrit, was the site of a June 2014 massacre in which militants killed up to 1,700 Iraqi Shia Air Force cadets. Mass graves were found in the area, containing the bodies of cadets, when Iraqi security retook the city in April 2015.

Further north in the Sinjar district, west of Mosul, mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of Ezidis were found after Kurdish forces, backed by the U.S.-led Coalition, pushed ISIS out of the area in November 2015.