Sulaimani Soccer Stadium Internationally Recognized By IFA, AFC

Sulaimani Soccer Stadium Internationally Recognized By IFA, AFC

The Sulaimani soccer stadium became the first internationally recognized sports stadium in the Kurdistan Region on Sunday (August 13) after it received the honor from the Iraq Football Association (IFA) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

The IFA and AFC committees which give recognition to soccer stadiums said during a press conference that the Sulaimani stadium’s structural and technical conditions now comply with the AFC requirements after reconstruction work.

The Sulaimani soccer team has now been given the chance to go far in the Iraqi league and participate in the competition for the championship.

The Sulaimani soccer stadium underwent reconstruction during the last two months, financially aided by Nalia Media Corporation owner Shaswar Abdulwahid.

The Sulaimani Sports Club’s governing body elected Abdulwahid as the honorary president of the club and the supervisor of the soccer team on May 11.

The club’s decision to appoint him as its honorary president came after Abdulwahid presented a project to the chairman and board in an effort to provide financial support to the club and make it qualified for the Premier League in Kurdistan and Iraq.

The project presented by Abdulwahid to the management of Sulaimani Club included the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Sulaimani Stadium at a cost of $3 million USD at his own expense in accordance with the criteria and conditions of the Asian Football Confederation.

Sulaimani Sports Club since its establishment in 1956 has won many sports titles but the financial crisis facing the Kurdistan Region has impacted the club’s achievements leading to its withdrawal from the Iraqi Premier League last year.