Man Convicted Of Raping and Murdering 5-Year-Old Is Executed In Yemen

Man Convicted Of Raping and Murdering 5-Year-Old Is Executed In Yemen

 A man convicted of raping and murdering a five-year-old girl was executed in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Monday (August 14) in front of her parents and hundreds of onlookers.

After being publicly sentenced to death for the rape and murder of Safaa al Matary, 22-year-old Hussein Al Sakit was shot six times and his body hung from a crane for the crowds to see.

The girl's parents expressed relief at the sentence being carried out two years after their daughter was killed.

“I've waited for this day and thank God that I had the chance to see this animal hanging. I wish they'd keep him hanging for three days instead of just two-three hours and I hope that justice prevails in all the cases like ours because I know there are many similar cases that are still held up by the courts,” the girl’s mother said.

In less than a month, Yemen has carried out two executions for crimes of rape and murder of children.

Another man who was also convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl was executed in Sanaa on July 31 in front of hundreds of onlookers.

A policeman fired five bullets from an assault rifle into Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, as he lay with his hands handcuffed behind his back on a blanket on the ground in Sanaa's Tahrir Square, after a judge read out the death sentence.

The execution drew an unusually large number of onlookers - some perched up telegraph poles and many watching from rooftops - because of the young age of Rana al-Matari, the victim.