Isis Bombs Electricity Transmission Towers in Jalawla, Qarah Tapah

Isis Bombs Electricity Transmission Towers in Jalawla, Qarah Tapah

 Islamic State (ISIS) bombs knocked down a number of electricity transmission towers between Qarah Tapah and Jalawla sub-districts northwest and southwest of Khanaqin in the province of Diyala.  

Head of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) office in Qarah Tapah, Mohammed Omer, told Voice of America on Tuesday (August 15) that it was the second time that the ISIS militants bombed electricity transmission towers in the area this week.  

The Bomb disposal teams have also defused several bombs attached to the electricity transmission towers, Omer added.

“Besides bombing electricity towers, ISIS militants have also bombed a number of main roads,” Omer continued.

Five members of one family included three children were killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) on Tuesday in a village in the sub-district of Qarah Tapah.

Director of Asayish (security) in Jalawla, Mohammed Saman, said ISIS militants explode the electricity transmission towers to carry out terror acts at night.

On November 27, 2016 ISIS bomb attacks knocked down three electricity transmission towers, cut off the power supply of more than 80 villages located in Qaratapa and Jalawla sub-districts.

Three farmers were wounded on July 14 after an IED struck a tractor in the sub-district of Qarah Tapah.

ISIS militants beheaded the leader of Bashr village in Qarah Tapah on January 26 after the group infiltrated the village at 12 am when the village guards were being exchanged for the night shift.

This attack comes in the wake of ISIS militants capturing four workers from the Hammurabi Oil Company on January 26 in the area of Naft Khana near Khanaqin, southeast Qarah Tapah.