Rescued Ezidi Boy Reunited With Family in Canada

Rescued Ezidi Boy Reunited With Family in Canada

An Ezidi boy rescued from the battlefield in Mosul after three years in Islamic State captivity was reunited with his mother and family in Winnipeg, Canada on Thursday (August 17).

Dozens of people gathered at the airport to welcome twelve-year-old Imad Tammo, who was captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) in the summer of 2014 when the militants overran the Sinjar area in northern Iraq, purging its Ezidi population.

His mother, Nofa Zaghla, cried as she prepared to see her son. She was granted asylum in Canada after escaping from the militants herself.

Thousands of Ezidi women were enslaved by the Islamic State, who killed hundreds of adult men and took boys, including Imad, away for military and ideological training.

As the battle for Mosul drew to an end, Imad's uncle received a call saying that his nephew had been found alive by Iraqi forces. His mother learned from photographs circulated on social media that her son had been rescued, prompting her to contact the boy's uncle to renew contact with him.