Vigil Held for Soldiers Lost After Iraqi Ship Sinks

Vigil Held for Soldiers Lost After Iraqi Ship Sinks

Rescuers have recovered the bodies of 16 more sailors from an Iraqi ship that sank at the weekend in the country's territorial waters, bringing the death toll to 20, a transportation ministry statement said.

Manager of Om Kasr Port Salem Hussein said the crash occurred after the ship collided with a ship docked in the floating dock number 27.

The Al-Misbar, a diving support ship owned by Iraq's ports authority, sank on Saturday (August 19) after a collision with another vessel.

The ship had 31 sailors on board, of whom 11 were rescued, while four bodies were retrieved on Saturday, ports authority spokesman Anmar al-Safi said.

“Due to the maritime intersection there was a collision between the Al-Misbar Iraqi ship and the Royal Arsenal ship which led to the sinking of the diving ship resulting in the deaths of 20 sailors. Eleven sailors survived. The ports authority today led a candle vigil for the lives of the martyrs,” Safi said.