Isis Attacks Peshmerga with Female Suicide Bomber near Tal Afar

Isis Attacks Peshmerga with Female Suicide Bomber near Tal Afar

 An Islamic State (ISIS) female fighter blew herself up at Peshmerga forces near Tal Afar, killing three Peshmerga and wounding two others.

A source from Peshmerga forces said on Tuesday (August 29) an ISIS female fighter detonated herself at a school, where a number of Iraqi displaced people were settled, in Sahl Malih village in the sub-district of Ayazya.

The Peshmerga source added the Kurdish forces were guarding people who were displaced from Tal Afar and surrounding areas to the Peshmerga controlled-areas.

The casualties of the displaced people remain unclear.

The attack came after the Peshmerga commanders said on Monday that the Peshmerga forces thwarted an ISIS attack on the Ayazya sub-district. Two of the militants blew themselves up and three others were killed by the Peshmerga forces.

Peshmerga forces captured sixteen ISIS militants in Kharatij village in the sub-district of Ayzya on Monday (August 28), including two emirs from the ultra-hardline group.

Kurdish forces also repelled an attack launched by two ISIS suicide bombers shortly after the capture of the 16 militants.

The General Command of Peshmerga Forces said the Kurdish forces have killed 130 ISIS members over the last three days. According to the command, the militants were attempting to escape to Syrian border from Tal Afar.

Clashes in Tal Afar’s surrounding villages, where Iraqi forces are engaged in an anti-ISIS operation, have led to the displacement of several civilians fleeing toward Peshmerga controlled territory, Peshmerga commanders say.

Ayazya sub-district is situated just north of Tal Afar, which is under siege of the Iraqi army. Fleeing ISIS militants are heading towards Peshmerga defensive lines.

Tal Afar, which had a pre-war population of about 200,000, is the latest objective in the U.S.-backed war on ISIS following the recapture of Mosul after a nine-month campaign that left much of the city, the biggest in northern Iraq, in ruins.