Iraqi MPS Petition To Terminate Kirkuk Provincial Council

Iraqi MPS Petition To Terminate Kirkuk Provincial Council

A petition has been lodged by the Iraqi lawmakers on Saturday (September 16) passed legal threshold for holding a parliament session to terminate Kirkuk Provincial Council amid a proposed Kurdish referendum on independence.

Source said that sufficient signatures have been collected to put into a vote terminating the Kirkuk Provincial Council.

A Turkmen lawmaker, Nyazi Memar Oghlu told Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency that as many as 74 lawmakers have signed the petition in protest of the Kirkuk Council’s “failure” to abide by decisions from the central government.

“A decision to dismiss the Kirkuk Governor is not enough to resolve the city issues,” Oghlu said. “When the Kirkuk Provincial Council was canceled, a state of emergency will be declared in the city and the city will be governed by military command.”

The decision to remove Najmadin Kareem came after Kirkuk - claimed by both the central government in Baghdad and the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq - voted to take part in a referendum set for September 25 on Kurdish independence from Iraq.

The Iraqi Parliament on Tuesday (September 12) voted to reject the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan, which is scheduled for September 25.