Car Bomb Kills Two in Kirkuk

Car Bomb Kills Two in Kirkuk

An explosion hit Kirkuk city on Saturday (September 16), killing two people and wounding 8 others.

Kirkuk Police Spokesman, Afrasiyaw Kamil, said that the explosion was carried out by a car bomb in the neighborhood of Adan in Kirkuk city.

The car bomb went off in front of a liquor store in the neighborhood, sources said.

An Iraqi interior ministry statement described the attack as “terrorist aggression” and did not link it to the tension caused by the Kurdish plan to hold referendum on September 25.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast. However, Islamic State (ISIS) has carried out similar actions.

Kirkuk authorities have expressed concerns that ISIS fighters may be sneaking into Kirkuk and hiding among displaced civilians as forces have detained a number of militants moving with people fleeing both military operations and the terror group.

Police also say investigations point to ISIS as being responsible for a number of assassinations and kidnapping which have sky-rocketed in the city and across the governorate.