Barzani Accuses Federal Court of Remaining Silent over Iraq's Acts against Kurdistan

Barzani Accuses Federal Court of Remaining Silent over Iraq's Acts against Kurdistan

Masoud Barzani said the Iraqi federal Supreme Court remained silent over the acts taken against the Kurdistan Region during its establishment.

Former Kurdish president Barzani said in a statement on Monday (November 20) that the federal court had interpreted the constitution’s texts in the interest of some political parties, without referring to any party.

“The court has turned a blind eye to the violation of 55 articles of the constitution committed by the Iraqi government,” Barzani stated.

Barzani, who is now leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), added there is no legal and constitutional basis that can consider the votes of three million people “unconstitutional because the people are the source of legitimacy, constitution and laws.”

Moreover, Barzani doubts the legitimacy of the federal court. “All the sides must know that Iraqi federal [supreme] court was established before approval of the constitution, and it should have been annulled after the approval of the new Iraqi constitution in 2005 and another court based on the constitutional measures composed in Article 92 should have been established,” he said.

Barzani’s remarks came after Iraqi Federal Supreme Court annulled the results of the Kurdistan independence referendum, saying the referendum was unconstitutional.

A statement by Iraqi federal court said the court "rendered a decision declaring unconstitutional the referendum held on September 25, 2017 in Iraqi Kurdistan... and cancelling all the consequences and results that resulted.”

Following the decision, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said the decision was “unilateral” and that it could not be cancelled.

The feud between Erbil and Baghdad stems from Baghdad’s economic and military measures in retaliation for the Kurdistan referendum on Sept. 25, which saw 92.7 percent of the population vote in favor of independence.

KRG continuously expresses readiness to hold talks with Baghdad to resolve the issues between both sides according to the Iraqi Constitution. However, the Iraqi government appears reluctant to participate in large-scale formal discussions.