Iraqi President Visits Sulaimani to Meet Kurdish Officials

Iraqi President Visits Sulaimani to Meet Kurdish Officials

 Iraqi President, Fuad Masoum on Saturday (November 25) arrived in Sulaimani for talks with Kurdish officials and political parties in an attempt to tackle the Erbil and Baghdad crisis.

The official media of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) reported that the Kirkuk situation and PUK internal operations as well as pending issues between Erbil and Baghdad are among subjects to be discussed.

The visit by Iraqi President to the Kurdistan Region comes after Baghdad’s show of willingness to begin dialogues with Erbil based on the constitution.

The feud between Erbil and Baghdad stems from Baghdad’s economic and military measures taken in retaliation for the Kurdistan referendum on Sept. 25, which saw 92.7 percent of the voters support independence.

KRG has continued to express readiness to hold talks with Baghdad to resolve the issues between both sides according to the Iraqi constitution. However, the Iraqi government had wanted the KRG to annul the results of the referendum before holding talks.