Turkish Forces Detained 75 People in Past Week

Turkish Forces Detained 75 People in Past Week

 Turkish security forces arrested 75 people over suspected links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in four provinces of the country in the last week.

Turkish security forces launched separate operations in the provinces of Adana, Mersin, Hatay and Antalya to detain the group who were suspected of being PKK members, financially supporting the organization and making propagandas, Firat News Agency reported on Wednesday (November 29).

Authorities in Adana said police had detained 43 people suspected of being members of the PKK and financially supporting the group.  

In Mersin, Turkish security forces raided homes of people who work in Mezopotomya Culture Center and arrested 14 people.

Turkish police also detained 10 people in the province of Hatay and eight others in Antalya for “making terrorist propaganda,” Firat news agency said.

Turkey is currently embroiled in a three-decade long conflict with the PKK, which has also seen the Kurdish group carrying out attacks on the state, targeting Turkish security services.

Hundreds of civilians, members of the security forces and militants have been killed since the conflict with the PKK reignited in July 2015 in the worst violence Turkey has seen for 20 years.

Turkey’s Kurdish southeast – considered by Kurds to be the northern region of a greater Kurdistan – has been plagued by on-going violence and curfews.