Abadi Says Peshmerga Forces Part Of Iraqi Army

Abadi Says Peshmerga Forces Part Of Iraqi Army

 Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the Peshmerga forces are part of the Iraqi army, criticizing some Kurdish authorities to differentiate between the Kurdish and Iraqi forces.

Abadi said during a world summit on climate change in Paris on Tuesday (December 12) that the Peshmerga forces have fought alongside the Iraqi army in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

“Peshmerga are part of our armed forces. We have greeted them as we did to other troops,” Abadi said during the summit.

“Peshmerga have fought alongside the Iraqi army and other troops, but some wanted to differentiate between Peshmerga and Iraqi army through referendum.”

Abadi headed to Paris on Monday to participate in the One Planet Summit on climate change.

During his trip, Abadi met with French President Emmanuel Macron, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and President of World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, as well as Japan’s Foreign Minister, Taro Kono.

Kurdish authorities criticized Abadi after he did not mention the Peshmerga forces while he declared victory over ISIS militants in the country, in which he praised the good quality of all Iraqi forces, except Peshmerga.

Following critique from the Kurdish authorities, the Iraqi premier added the word Peshmerga forces for his statement posted on his official Facebook page.

A spokesman for the Iraqi prime minister later attributed the incident to a typing error.